Re: [gardeners] Seminole Squash

velta Mack (
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 08:51:30 -0800

I had a friend whose e-mails always reflected bizarre times.  I knew she 
wasn't up at 3:30 a.m. on the computer - but she said her computer showed
the right time.  I suggested she check the time zone.  It was set for Goa,
of all places!

> Ohhh.  My unit was factory rebuilt. I wonder if it was originally set for a
> PacNW user.  Hmmm.  My clock is showing the right time though.  Margaret L
>>'Member when that happened to me, Margaret?  I asked the Gardens list why
>>my email was always time stamped 3 hours off--it turned out that in my
>>computer settings,  the time was set according to Pacific or Mountain
>>time, I forget which, and I had to reset it to the correct time zone for
>>me, Eastern.