Re: [gardeners] snowing in low central Tx!

George Shirley (
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 09:02:35 -0600

In spite of the predicted 28F for this morning my thermometer read 38F at 0600.

Most of my bread machine rye bread recipes call for cocoa powder Martha, adds that deep dark color
to it. I like fennel or dill seed in my rye bread. Cut a chunk of it, spread on some mustard, hot
preferably, stack on some ham and cheese and top with another slice.

Your place sounds like how Miz Anne and I lived 30 years ago, kids and critters everywhere and love
flowing like a fountain. Happy New Year.

George wrote:
> To the Northerners on the list, I apologize, but snow here is a rare
> event. The horses were snorting and cavorting, so was I!
> For dinner we had chocolate bread! I'd baked a (bread machine)
> loaf and added cocoa powder to the loaf. If I'd crushed caroway
> seeds or fennel seeds in it, it would have been a very pleasing dark
> 'rye' bread, amazing!
> We had our traditional black eyed peas and cabbage. I'd save a
> ham bone and stuck it in the peas to flavor. Some of the (honey
> spiral) ham had gone in the freezer so we just had a couple of
> slices of that. Igor (blue n gold macaw) liked the dinner as much as
> we did. The chickens got the larger tough cabbage leaves, but I
> think the goats and mares stole some too. As long as cabbage =
> money or good fortune, the critters can have all they want.
> Like George, I'd wrapped all the external pipes 2 days ago, turned
> heat lamps on the citrus trees in the greenhouse, and hung all the
> water hoses up to drain out. I'll have to deal with unveiling a couple
> of spigots and hoses tomorrow when I have to refill the goat and
> horse water tubs though. Accuweather says we'll get 16* temps by
> tomorrow night, I don't think I'll be doing any late night watering.
> take care, martha