Re: winter in a Calif. garden, was Re: [gardeners] test

Janni (
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 20:56:45 -0600

Will be 20 here tonight. This warm winter scares me. That means without 
snow or even rain we are not going to get the ground water we need. It DID 
snow about a half an inch today and more expected tomorrow night. I have my 
plants in that should be in. No garden survives outside, flower or veggie, 
after the middle of December (we had tomatoes until then last year).

Now I have to ask: I have this border plant that is still thriving. I have 
NO idea what it is, but it resembles the green on top of a carrot plant. 
Any ideas??


At 06:31 PM 1/17/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello, again, Sherryl,
>It has been mighty chilly, nights, here in Van Nuys, as well. We have
>frost on the roof, grass and low-growing plants about 3 days a week, but
>the Iceland poppies, justly named, are thriving and blooming, even with
>rime on them in the morning.
>Also, a great surprise, are our bearded irises, which are blooming to
>beat the band, not to be outdone by the fortnight lilies and begonias.
>It's these chilly nights, in the high 30s, interspersed by a week in the
>high 70s that has our garden mightily confused. The buds on the
>nectarine, apricot, persimmon and pomegranate have begun to swell,
>indicating dormant spray is something I will have to apply this weekend,
>to keep the nasties out of the swelling and separating buds. I just hope
>we don't get a real cold snap after a concerted period of warmth. This
>time of year is just so unpredictable!
>Oh, yes, something I just noticed today: now that most of the citrus has
>fallen/been picked, growth auxins are coursing through the phloem, and
>budlets are beginning to appear, the first signs of next year's crop,
>which form as soon as the get the signals that the current year's crop
>is history.
>Well, I had better get a move on it; choir rehearsal is in an hour and I
>had best gird up my mental loins to face traffic:(
>Good growing to all of you.