Re: winter in a Calif. garden, was Re: [gardeners] test (
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 08:40:55 -0800

Hello, Sherryl,

I think you may be right about us being a bit ahead of you,

I will spray all of the fruit trees with a dormant spray this weekend. I
have to check with my nursery guru, because apricots are adverse to an
substance common in many dormant sprays, and may have to resort to
something different.

My wife would commit murder and mayhem if anything happened to that
tree, after it produced over 700 apricots last summer, and those on a 4
year-old semi dwarf tree!

This morning, I noticed the first growth of the season on our macadamia,
which we have planted in the middle of our front lawn, both for its
beauty, and for the bounty of nuts it will provide in a few
years....this year we have 2 nuts:)

I also noticed that the roses which have been pruned, are beginning to
sprout. Now, to get to the roses in the back yard this weekend. I was
hindered from continuing last weekend by the fact that our green yard
waste can was already full, even stomped down.  Since it was picked up
on Thursday, I will now attack the 6 in the rear, plus the remaining
Mexican sages, which are sprouting mightily from their base. Will they
grow in your area? We and all of our neighbors love them for their long,
and long-lasting 4' spikes of purple blossoms that are so attractive to
bees and humming birds. They, interspersed with purple and gold
butterfly bushes are a joy to behold most of the year:)

Well, time to hit the road and sell a house:)

Have a great day!