Re: [gardeners] Re: Arctic chill

Janni (
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 13:15:31 -0600

I am familiar with the Grapevine. I am from California. Last time I was on 
the Grapevine was in 91 and it was slow going because of the snow. I saw on 
the Weather Channel the other day, where they were interviewing people from 
Santa Cruz (where I lived for 10 years prior to coming to MO) and it had 
snowed there. All the people interviewed said that was the first snow ever, 
that they could remember. Well, I am here to tell ya, it snowed almost 2 
inches on Feb 12 (or 14th, since my date memory is old) 1976. Kids were all 
delighted, since no one there knew about motivating in the snow and the 
schools were closed. LOL

I hale from Orange County and the nearest snow we ever had was Big Bear. I 
have pictures of the family up there in the snow, in our shorts!!!

This weather sure is crazy! Global warming? La Nina? The upcoming El Nino? 
Or just Mother Nature's way of letting us know we can't really know what 
the weather is going to do? Oh oh oh, I can't believe that Ground Hog Day 
is here already!!!


At 08:45 AM 1/31/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi, there,
>thanks for your kind note. I guess we in So Cal do try to push the
>envelope a bit, but this is so unusual. I know, in my area, back in the
>early 1900s, it once got down to 9! But these sorts of occurrences are
>truly, and thankfully, quite rare.
>The weather of the entire country seems to be askew, what with 77
>degrees in D.C. this past week, and weather in the 60s on the northern
>east coast, while our foothills get a dusting of snow, and I 5 over the
>"Grapevine," is closed for heavy snow. (The Grapevine was the old
>highway that preceded I 5, and snaked its way over the Tehachapi
>Mountains at about 4500 feet or so, and was the cause of the demise of
>many a car in the hot weather, in days of yore....whenever they were:)
>Here's hoping it warms up a bit soon, so we can salvage what is left:)