[gardeners] State of the kitchen address

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:33:29 -0600

Well, the cabinets are in place with the exception of six doors, which didn't get delivered, the
crown molding (the idiots sent white instead of oak) and the counter top which hasn't even been
measured for yet. On top of that it took two men three days to install the !@#$% things because they
kept stopping to go put their Mardi Gras costumes on and visit the local schools. I am scorching
Home Depot's butt big time with letters to the local store and headquarters too. Shouldn't have
taken more than about 12 hours to install the cabinets and we could have had our kitchen back.

(Stop vent, rewind brain)

Other than that it was lovely this weekend. Miz Anne and her best buddy were gone off to Houston to
the Houston Grand Opera and visits to many museums and art galleries. Left Friday about 4 pm, got in
tonight about 7 pm, car loaded with bags and boxes and lots of laughter. I'm glad they enjoyed
themselves, school teachers need to get away and unwind occasionally. I'm also glad they're home as
neither is a particularly good driver and I worry about them. Sleepy was glad to see her Mom too,
she piddled on her foot in greeting. <VBG>

Mandatory garden content: the winter rye planted as a green manure is about a foot high and I may
have to mow it before tilling it under.