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Sounds like your having weather similar to here. (We only get snow flurries
though every 10 or 20 years or so.)

We're supposed to have a good cold snap the early part of next week.  The
forecast I heard yesterday said we would have nights close to freezing when
it hit.  Right now it's @ 80 outside.  This morning it was beautiful!  The
weathermen have been wrong before.


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> Welcome!!! We are having summer-like temps here in MO. Looks like that
> arctic cold front will be here tomorrow night and we will be in the low
> teens for lows and the 20's for highs all week, with a chance of flurries
> Mon Tues Wed and snow Thurs and Fri. Then Spring!!! LOL
> Janni
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> >Hi,
> >    I just wanted to say hello.  I'm new to the group.  I love vegtable
> >gardening.  I live in San Antonio Texas.  Where most of the year is
> >
> >CB