Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden

GizmoAZ (
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 18:41:19 -0700

Hey CB,

Where are you it?  Just curious.  It was a beautiful 80 degree day here too.  I
cleaned up all the leaves out of my rose beds and desert landscaping around the
Mulberry tree and the Citrus.  Planted another two flats of various plants.
Marigolds, Petunias, Lobelias, English Daisies, and pansies.  I have about 1
flat left to go.  I plan on doing that one tomorrow.  I also mowed, fertilized
and watered the yard.

Now the anxious waiting and watching begins, as my garden ascends to it's peak,
in mid April.  Just before the wretched heat hits, and sends everything into
dormancy until fall comes around, and they recover.  I've been sitting out on
the patio relaxing, enjoying the nice evening and sunset.  What a great day it
has been!

Now to take a hot bath and nurse the aches an pains, this is the 2nd day of such
tasks.  It's funny how all those muscles you forget about show up after hard
work ;)
Chat with you later...
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 Psssst! Hey you! Look out! Behind you! wrote:

> I hope everyone had weather as good has it was here today!  It got up to the
> 80's and with a nice breeze.  Perfect weather for working in the yard.
> Most of the trees are budding out here.  Except the Pecan trees.  They are
> always last.  Don't know why.
> CB