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I have tuned into my sons girlfriend. I mean I get the darnedest sensations!
She is a very emotional person and I tend to pick up on women easier than I
do men. I can tell when she is upset at school even. I make note of the time
when I tell my husband about it and ask her what happened to upset her at
that time. She quit asking me, "How did you know?" a long time ago! lol I
have picked up on her thinking about a commercial in our living room about
putting a weight lifting machine together with a crescent wrench. All of a
sudden crescent wrench popped into my head. She explained when I asked where
that came from. I have had her wake me up in the middle of the night from a
dead sleep somehow. I mean 2 & 4 am! I wake up and I know she is awake and
thinking about something or not able to sleep. The other day I was going to
OKC with my hubby and all of a sudden it was like someone yelled in my head
" You stupid (B word)!!" I noted the time and asked her what was going on
then and she told me she was standing by some girls that was in a cat fight
at school and one of them yelled that out loud. I thought great, I am
getting the people around her now! I can even feel in my stomach when she is
nervous and upset & about to puke. I have checked it out every which way
without giving her a clue and it checks out every time.
    Used to I could only tell you what had happened in the past. Like when
the door was kicked in on the new house we bought down the road I had a
mental image of the person that did it. I describe him to my son and husband
age, build, hair color. Not two days later we saw 2 characters with one
matching the description driving a unfamiliar van for our area out here in
the boondocks. Now I am getting to where I can give future dates up to 6
months in advance of something happening sometimes with even the details as
to what it is concerning.
    ESP is a fascinating thing and the more I pay attention to this and try
to learn from it the more it occurs and the more accurate it is. There are
sometimes very clear things you can understand and sometimes things that can
be interpreted different ways. I have even nailed the name of a girls place
where someone would be assaulted and it happened there. That one was a
strange thing to interpret and although I tried to warn her it still
      I am able to pass my hand over a persons skin without touching them at
all and many times they will feel a sensation of some sort. They say it
makes there skin crawl or tingle. I have even done this to strangers I
didn't know well on their back without telling them what I was doing and
they felt it. I have been able to sense peoples sore spots like this also.
You can feel the extra heat the body generates from the injured area if you
pay attention. I felt my moms cancer before she was diagnosed we just
thought it was a old age thing or a cold at the time.
     Sometimes have picked up on internet friends and described peoples
personalities and other strange happenings I have no idea where the info
came from. I have strange things pop into my head sometimes and I just have
to try and ignore it because you just don't always understand it all.
      This summer I want to try a experiment and try passing my hand over
some plants inside the house away from the outdoor influences just to see if
anything will happen. If people can feel it maybe plants can. I also want to
see what my garden soil feels like without touching it like I do when I am
finding peoples aches and pains. I don't know if the dirt can hurt but it
would be interesting to see if you can feel a difference in different areas
just a few feet away. So far I have not been able to feel anything on
objects at all. So far everything has to be alive and thumping.

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> Pre-bypass surgery I could raise and lower my blood pressure by thought
and also increase warmth of
> hands and feet by a few degrees. I do know that the human mind can do
wondrous things and that
> most scientists think that mindpower is bunk.
> I'm a behavorial scientist myself, with degrees in sociology and
psychology and have participated in
> many double blind ESP tests. I believe in the power of the mind as I said
above but sure can't
> explain it.
> George