Re: [gardeners] Garden tractor recommendations?

George Shirley (
Sun, 03 Mar 2002 16:25:37 -0600

 It sounds as though you have a good sized hunk of property to care for. If so you should, by all
means, go for the biggest tractor you can afford. Rather than buy a mower that can pull and haul I
would go for a real tractor, a small one but one designed to take options like mowers, tillers,
front blades or rear blades, and with a good sized trailer. 

We once lived on 5 acres and a 16 horsepower tractor suited us admirably. Look for accessories that
are easy to hook up to, if it's difficult they will not get used. Another piece of advice, if you go
for a bigger tractor try for a diesel, lots more economical to run, generally stronger and has more
umph to the pound. HTH

George, gritting his teeth and waiting for 22F tonight. Won't winter ever end?

Teressa Kandianis wrote:
> Hello all.  Spring is really here and I am in desperate need of replacing my
> overworked and underpowered 15 hp mower.  I've been looking at the 20-25 hp
> garden tractor models - with the ability to use attachments like a tiller,
> or grader or bucket.  Does anyone have comments or experiences they could
> share?  I haul lots of stuff and would love to be able to heap the cart up
> without regard to whether the mower will be able to move in any direction
> but downhill.  Thanks for assistance.  Teressa in sunny, cool Custer, WA
> where I've been pruning with a vengeance.