Re: [gardeners] crowder peas

George Shirley (
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 18:51:37 -0600

Crowders are one of the southern peas and need a fairly long growing season. In addition it takes a
lot of vines to make a mess o' peas. I grow either purple hulls or brown crowders, occasionally I
can find seed for the old time black crowder. Calico I'm not familiar with, lady peas are a favorite
to buy in the can but I've never grown them. The Lady peas are tiny little things and you usually
hull a bunch and snap the ends. I just cook them in some water to cover, a little pepper, a little
onion, maybe some garlic, and a bay leaf. I don't put fatback in them like my mother did because I
don't need the fat load. A mess of crowder peas with the pot liquor on some Arkansas cornbread is a
meal in itself. If I have an excess I usually pressure can them because I like them better canned
than frozen.


Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> George, I try to grow something different in my veggie garden every year,
> and I've never grown Crowder peas. There are several varieties available,
> from Calico to Lady. What kind do you grow, and how do you use
> them?  Thanks, Margaret L