[gardeners] Hail Spring!!

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 10:50:48 -0700

Three robins moved into the neighborhood last week and finally sorted it 
out. Now there are two, taking up residence. Tomorrow is the first day of 
spring, and today is the last day of winter.  Winter rules. Huge fat 
snowflakes falling all morning.  It's supposed to be in the high 50s 
tomorrow, and into the 60s by Thursday. Hurray, hurray!!!! Can't 
wait.  Margaret L, in SW Idaho

>My sister just moved into a house that has a 4ft. tall Bay tree in 
>Houston.  I would think you would have to amend the soil so that it would 
>drain well.
>So far we have had maybe 1/10th of an inch of rain.... we need rain so 
>much.  More chances tonight and tomorrow.  In the 50's with another chance 
>of a hard freeze this week.
>zone 6
>Western Ok