[gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:08:30 -0600

Worked hard all day yesterday packing and moving stuff from offices and bedrooms in preparation for
having new carpet laid. Sequed from that to defrosting the freezer and moving it to the new pantry.
Miz Anne gathered up the old broomsticks and we made rollers for the freezer, her idea worked great
and in no time the freezer was in place and full again.

About 9 pm we decided to chop last years chile crop for hot sauce. By 11 we had it done, the chiles
in the crocks and salted. Ended up with 3.5 gallons of chopped chiles. Margaret, you will be glad to
hear that I made some yellow hot sauce with the Ajo Lemon de Peru chiles you had given me the seed
for. I think it's going to be very pretty but probably pretty hot.

This morning I got up, put on shorts and a tee and went out for the paper. A norther had blown in
during the night and it was in the mid-to-low forties and pretty chilly on the bare legs. Still in
all the flower beds are looking good. The white bearded iris is ending it's bloom period and we
probably had 30 or more blooms, some stems with two and three blooms each. The Louisiana iris (no
beards) has started it's run too. We have the bronze and the reds blooming a little at the moment
but I think it will be a week before they really break out. The dark purple, the yellow, and the in
betweens will follow. The new LA iris we obtained from a friend last year has beautiful foliage but
so far no blooms. We are most anxious about those as they are all named varieties that we don't know
the names to. With the use of the digital camera and a web connection I hope to find them all.

The main garden is plowed and waiting for a little warmer weather for planting. The blueberries are
setting fruit as have the mayhaw trees. Maybe this year we'll get a crop that's worthwhile. The
peach, pluot, and pear trees are in bloom and the fig tree is leafing out.

I think I'm going to have to move my loquat tree as it doesn't seem to be doing well on the east
side of the greenhouse.

Another day, another 12 hours of unrelenting labor under the lash of the boss lady, who is assisted
by that vicious hound Miss Sleepy Dawg. Still, Life is good.