Re: [gardeners] Breeding does tell

Pat Vinson (
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 17:20:47 -0600

Ann Langley wrote:

> Ya' know, some people are just plain nasty. Veiled rudeness is still
> rudeness. Not clever at all it just shows the person for what they really
> are. Makes one wonder what could possibly be so wrong in her life, what's
> lacking, to make her behave this way but then again, who cares. Ah-ha!
> That's it! She wants/needs/craves attention. Poor spiteful baby. Consider
> the source George. One good thing, we don't have to live next door to her.
> :-)

You're right. My husband's and my note wasn't clever. We both apologize that
our residual anger with George over a personal matter tainted today. Today
was not day to be reminded of George's tendency to misrepresent himself and
his assets. After all, today is the day when many of us share in the real
Good News of Easter.

Again, our apologies to the list.

David and Pat Vinson