Re: [gardeners] Tomatomania in L.A.

George Shirley (
Thu, 04 Apr 2002 18:36:21 -0600

I wish our gardens would call out to us. It has been down into the
low-to-mid forties the last couple of days. I believe this is the latest
we've ever gone in the 14 years we've lived here without a spring garden
being in the ground. In normal years our last frost date is February
18th, this year it was March 22nd.

Every time it warms up we go do a little more to get the garden areas
ready but there's not much point in planting until the ground hits about

I've got tomato and pepper plants in the green house that have small
fruit on them and are blooming. Guess it's a good thing I planted them
in gallon pots to start with. I'm envious of you folk with good weather


Sherryl Fawx wrote:
> Ron, I wish it wasn't such a long drive.  Tomatomania sounds like a lot of
> fun.  I have serious spring fever today.  It's been very hard to stay
> indoors & work when the garden is calling my name.
> Sherryl (Northern Calif.)
> At 04:07 PM 04/04/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hello, friends,
> >
> >For those of you who live in the SoCal area, specifically around Los
> >Angeles, the Slow Food group (those to whom fast food is anathema,
> >internationally), will stage Tomatomania from the 12th to the 14th of
> >April, at Tapia Brothers' farm, on Hayvenhurst, just north of the 101.
> >The purveyors of the seedlings are the former owners of Hortus, that
> >wonderful nursery in Pasadena which was forced by circumstances to close
> >their doors last year.
> >
> >There will be a zillion different heirloom tomato varieties for sale
> >this weekend.
> >
> >Enjoy!
> >
> >Ron