Re: [gardeners] Where'd everyone go?

Dan Dixon (
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 10:58:32 -0500

Dorsett at wrote:

>> I've been off the list since last year and just resubbed. Kinda quiet. I
>> looked in the archives, but they stop in the middle of last summer. What
>> happened?
>> Dan Dixon
> We're quite quiet gardeners at times....

I dunno, Barb...they may be quiet here, but they sure arent very quiet over
on the Gardens list where I just resubbed. ;) Wonder if there's a list with
a happy medium out there somewhere.

> You want your ivy to fill in gaps on the wall.  You might want to cut it
> back to where the gaps start then let it grow up the wall least
> on those sparse sections of ivy.

So it'll branch out from the trimmed ends? Maybe I can just cut back a few
selected vines. I hate to cut it all back since it finally just got to the
top of the wall this past fall. (It's the north wall on our house.)


Dan Dixon