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Martha Brown (
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 15:27:59 -0500

Your Schefflera may have a pest problem.  I don't remember for sure and
don't have time to look it up but I think both mealy bugs and aphids leave a
sticky residue like sap.


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I mostly lurk b/c I'm such a novice gardener! :)  And I feel bad only asking
questions. But since list traffic is slow, there are a couple of things I
can ask.

First, we have a huge schefflera tree (about 7.5 feet tall) that has lived
for the past two years in our living room. I love it, but this year, for the
past 8 mos. or so, it's dropping sap like crazy. The floor is sticky, the
mini-blinds are sticky, anything in its perimeter gets sticky. I thought it
would eventually stop, but thus far it hasn't. I'm wanting to move it
outside for the summer - it's too big to move in and out though to get it
acclimated - will I kill it if I move it out now, first to shade and then to
semi-shade? It's not getting much above 70 still and usually down to 50 at

Any ideas on the sap issue? I may have to find it another home if it keeps
that up - it's creating a huge daily cleaning ritual that I just don't have
time for.

One other question - we have about 20 crape myrtle trees that were planted
along both sides of our lot and scattered in the front yard - they're around
10-12 feet tall and doing well - but they're all growing pretty much
straight up - no rounding at all. Should we be pruning them to get them to
round out some? I've pretty much left them alone since we moved here 3 years
ago - just composting around the bases and mulching them each year.

Thanks for any suggestions.

billie in NC