Re: [gardeners] Where'd everyone go?

Peggy Sullivan (
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:19:05 -0400

Kay Lancaster wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Apr 2002, Peggy Sullivan wrote:
> > Does anyone have any idea of how to get rid of scale permanently?
> You could use one of the systemic pesticides, or an IGR (insect growth
> regulator), or something like a dormant oil spray, or swab each spot
> with alcohol every week or so for awhile.
> Here's some more information:
> Do you have other plants that are serving as reservoirs of infection?
> Sometimes it's easier to pitch the affected plants and start over.
> Kay Lancaster

Thanks for the link Kay.  

Always good to see your name.

I actually have several other plants that are infested too -- ficus and 
bay leaf -- and they get the washing treatment at the same time as the 
scheff.  I have been reluctant to try the systemic treatments since the
bay leaves are meant to be used in cooking.  I have considered pitching
the lot and starting over, but have not been able to bring myself to do
it yet.

Peggy in NE PA, where it is supposed to get to 75 today and daffs and
forsythia and hyacinths are blooming and the apples are not far behind.
It must be spring!