[gardeners] Sunday in a Brooklyn garden

Spydergrl (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 11:13:32 -0400

Yesterday I had the whole day to get myself down and dirty in my garden.
The boys were dropped off at my in-laws at 8am.  After a trip to the local
HomeDepot, my husband had the hardware needed to create the framework for my
Oregon Beans which I sowed against the fence a couple of weeks ago.

He kept busy adjusting this set-up most of the day.  His job was complicated
because he had to step around the Shallots that I planted in the fall
(Margaret, your shallots have multiplied and are doing splendid).

I finally transplanted the Tomato seedlings outdoors: Black Krim,
Brandywines, Yellow Pears, Caspian Pink, Persimmons, and a new introduction,
seeds of which I got from Krasnodar, Russia last year.

The Radicchio seedlings are sitting comfortably in-between the Vadalia
Onions, the Kale got transplanted and I got some more potato tubers in.  The
Radishes and Carrots are doing great, I got a chance to thin them a bit.

New York City is expected to be at mid 70's this entire week so I decided
not to cover the veggies.

The Front Yard:

We dug out a walking path which we filled with wood mulch.  Got the
Caladiums and the Hibiscus shrub into the ground. These plants I got in
Orlando's K-Mart just about 2 weeks ago and drove them all the way to NYC
<g>.  Got all the Dhalia tubers in the ground, the Foxglove seedlings are in
the soil, as are the Hollyhocks, the Mums, Miniature Callas and Lupines.
The Pappvers are coming up nicely, next weekend I'm going to be thinning
them.  I created a border around the rest of the plants which consists of
French Marigolds, which I started indoors a few weeks ago and purple
Primulas, the combination is absolutely breathtaking.

Under the bow window, the Paeonies which are in the pots are doing
spectecular, as are the Cannas.  The bleeding hearts which I purchased as
bare roots are in the soil  right next to the white Caladiums.

As I was tending to my front yard, I was asked for permission to take
pictures of it.  And that my friends, was the absolute best compliment that
I've heard in a very long time, it made my week.

Fell asleep completely exhausted, but the good kind of exhaustion, the type
that makes you feel great!

So there you have it, a gardening report from someone in the heart of New
York City :)