Re: [gardeners] Iceland poppies

George Shirley (
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 15:50:30 -0500

In my USDA zone 9b garden we drop extra seed in September and the plants start growing in January
and are generally gone by May. Ours have about quit blooming but they are common poppies not the
Iceland variety. We also allow them to readily reseed.

Our front annual garden is really a perennial garden now. First the pansies, violas, and violets
come up and start blooming, followed by the poppies and, in succession, the torenia comes up and
blooms through the summer. Pull a few weeds, pick a few bugs and still have lovely flowers most of
the year.


Ron Hay wrote:
> Good morning, friends,
> Our Iceland poppies are on their last legs and are spreading their
> progeny around with wild abandon. Does anyone know at what season one
> may expect the seeds to sprout? We planted the poppies in November and
> they began blooming in January, and are still blooming, although, since
> we let them go to seed, they are much less "floriferous" at the
> moment....good thing, since the roses between which we interplanted them
> when the roses were cut back to about a foot, are in high gear, actually
> finishing their first flush of blooming this year. What a glory to
> behold the few remaining Iceland poppies blooming along with our
> multicolored roses!
> Good growing to you all!
> Ron
> Van Nuys, CA