Re: [gardeners] spring walks (
Wed, 8 May 2002 02:10:21 -0400

Hi, Sherryl -- glad you enjoyed your get-a-way.  We tend to go away, but
never to get away, since everything is a working trip. 

Right now the colors in the county are brilliant and splendiferous!  The
azaleas are all over the place, and altho most of the flowering trees
have finished, the lawns are temporarily very green and the colors
of the bushes are wild. 

I'm just this moment aware that our stand of bright yellow forsythia
never did bloom this spring -- that's unheard of!  Right besides them,
the Burning Bushes have doubled in size. Everything does seem
unpredictable  ...

Our redbuds have a pale blue-purple flower. I have seen the magenta-
ones in my travels. It's stupendous

Penny, NY  

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