Re: [gardeners] copy and paste vs attachments

M T (
Sat, 11 May 2002 06:35:07 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Ron,

 You're right, retyping a file is a waste of time! BUT, you can open
the file on your computer, copy the whole thing using copy and paste,
then add it to your normal email message as plain text. It's about as
fast as browsing for an attachment *and* it will make it to the whole
list. (The recipe sounds fantastic!)
 Also, most lists have a digest option. (the format I generally use)
All attachments are stripped from most digest versions of a list, so I
wouldn't recieve it anyway.

 FWIW, I don't open any attachments, even from close friends that I
know would never deliberately do me or my computer harm. They may have
picked up a virus and their address book sent it out without their
knowledge. (This has happened twice in the past 6 months, I have too
many friends who download stuff indiscriminately and wonder why they
have problems with their computers...)

 We also have our email program set to receive messages in *just* plain
text format, never HTML or richtext format. HTML and richtext formats
are another great way to pick up a virus.

 I don't use the address book, since this is how most virus's like to
spread. I just save a message from the person I want to keep in contact
with and hit reply. Or I can save just their email address in the
'DRAFT' portion of my email program. This saves on a lot of wasted
space with an email program that has a limited amount of storage space.

 In spite of all these precautions, we are still currently trying to
chase down something in the computer we must have downloaded somehow.
It never ends... ;-)

 Look forward to getting the recipe!

Hope this helps,
Matt in Norfolk, Virginia

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