Re: [gardeners] Muhammara

George Shirley (
Sat, 11 May 2002 16:31:17 -0500

Glad to hear she's doing better. I had chicken pox as a child so am just waiting my turn for
shingles. Some don't get it so hope I am one of those.

Yeah, ours was due to one mortgage firm buying our mortgage from another. For some reason they
decided that we really lived in Port Sulphur, Louisiana instead of Sulphur, Louisiana so sent the
sheriff in that Parish our tax money from escrow. It took some talking and fuming to get it taken
care of I'll tell you. Our taxes are not so huge that we couldn't have paid them twice but it was
the principal of the thing.

Miz Anne is her old self again. Has had no headaches since the doctor suctioned out her maxillary
sinuses but is taking no chances with molds or mildews. She is still taking the two powerful
antibiotics and has another 10 days on those to finish the course. I am monitoring her and the meds
as she has a propensity to stop taking meds when she gets to feeling better. Doctor said take the
whole course so I'm determined she is going to do just that.


Ron Hay wrote:
> Hello, George,
> Sorry to hear about your tax mix-up. When we refinanced in October, I
> discovered a whole can of worms about what the country perceived as
> unpaid taxes, that actually were paid...and for reasons known only to
> God, were sent back to the lender, which had paid them out of our former
> impound account. It took about 6 weeks to straightened up and almost
> caused our re-fi to bomb:(
> Yes, Vivian had chickenpox as a child; but I did not, so don't fear of
> contracting that scourge, myself.
> She is noticeably better today, thank goodness; she can actually open
> her left eye most of the way, and aloe is helping to heal the blisters,
> along with her bactracin and cyclovir. She feels like a leper, however,
> and can hardly wait for it to heal and go away.
> Thanks again.
> How is Miz Anne?
> Ron