Re: [gardeners] copy and paste vs attachments

GizmoAZ (
Sun, 12 May 2002 07:12:56 -0700

I didn't say you could only use it in Word to.  They asked how to copy
something from Word to Netscape.  I gave them the procedure for doing
that exact thing.  Are you reading the messages in their entirety before
you reply?
Chat with you later...
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 How do you call a fly without wings ? A walk ! wrote:

> Say there, Alan -- I never knew about Control A picking up
> the whole document. Thanks!
> But remember -- you can use cut & paste when you want to save
> something from the Internet -- you can use it ANYWHERE, not
> just in Word.  Once in awhile there exists something printed on
> the Internet which refuses to allow you to highlight it -- then there
> is an easy program called SnagIt  (snag-it) which does the job.
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