Re: [gardeners] Weekend in the garden

George Shirley (
Tue, 14 May 2002 07:22:45 -0500

That's what the county extension agent says and what the book says. Says when figs are loaded with
fruit they need lots of water. Also says you should have a mulch six inches deep out to the drip
line. Figs have very shallow roots. We've had ours knocked out of the ground by strong winds and we
just set it back upright, stake and tie it, and water good and it keeps going. YMMV where it isn't
as hot as it is here.

Best fig trees I ever saw were growing in someone's chicken yard. Well fertilized, chickens kept the
wasps that lay eggs in the fruit down and ate the figs that got over ripe and fell off the tree. My
Mom kept a hose at the base of hers and watered it for an hour every day at a trickle.

George wrote:
> George, 5 gallons of water a day for that fig tree...???????
> Penny, NY
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