Re: [gardeners] Armenian cheese

Ron Hay (
Tue, 14 May 2002 07:00:58 -0700

Hello, Penny,

The peppers are fire roasted and peeled. If I don't have the
time/inclination to do that myself, I buy them in a jar of some good
brand such as Aiello.

As to bread, I like to use berberi or Armenian stone bread, or
lavash...or any of the host of Armenian breads our market has. Pita is
typically served by the Lebanese Armenians, among others, but lavash and
the "high rise" yeast breads are more commonly served in Armenian

The lavash is a picker-upper and wrap; the other is eaten much as we
enjoy bread.

If you can find Karoun brand of string cheese, it is well worth the
hunt. It is categorically different from any purveyed by Precious brand.