[gardeners] Re: OT: long distance telephone providers

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 15 May 2002 13:14:28 -0500

Sprint is 7 cents a min. 24 / 7. I don't like having to worry about what
time it is to make a phone call and save a few cents. Everything I call is
long distance. There is a monthly fee but many times if you talk enough it
is waved with some companies.
    If you have a cell phone with Singular you can get free weekend calls up
to somewhere around 4000 min. also calls are free after 9 pm. Then there are
daytime minutes of about 350 - 400 for our deal. Depending on how much you
chat the cell phone may be a good long distance alternative for you. I have
nation wide service and it is about $50 bucks a month give or take. It works
for us since we need one around on the interstate travels and even out on
the ranch when things are going hay wire.
   You can still order your seeds or on any given weekend or  go plant
shopping and call your garden buddies up to tell about the good plant deal
standing in front of you. That is so cool to go shopping on the phone with

Okie zone 7a
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From: "George Shirley" <gshirl@bellsouth.net>

> Okay, here's the deal. My LD telephone provider of many years was sold to
MCI. MCI is raising the
> rate by 3 cents per minute plus some other charges. Anyone got a favorite
provider that isn't 12
> cents a minute? I've found a couple via the web but am not sure about
their reliability.
> Mandatory gardening content: I need the long distance to buy seeds by
phone and the web. B-)
> George