[gardeners] Belated Happy Birthday to Miz Anne

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 21 May 2002 07:22:43 -0700

Good morning, friends,

George, it was wonderful to hear that you all had such a wonderful time
on Miz Anne's birthday. The warmth of your family more than dispelled
the chill.

Weather seems to be a bit nuts all over! Snow and freezing in New York;
rain and a drop of 20 degrees in Los Angeles, with new snow in the
Sierra, and a gullywasher in Nor Cal; floods in the Midwest! Kinda makes
you wonder.

Penny, I always remember May in NY as being filled with lilacs up to my
bedroom window this time of year...the essence of spring in many ways:)

This morning happens to be my birthday and Vivian surprised me with one
of her charming little gifts: a box of ivy geraniums for the window box
outside the kitchen window (one of my favorite flowers) and an oversized
dust pan to help my back in the process of cleaning up the yard.

Tonight, we are going out to a Persian restaurant mentioned on many
occasions by one of my Persian colleagues as being a superb example of
haute cuisine in her part of the world. Can't wait to sample their

This morning, I am going to have the pleasure of meeting one of Penny's
online friend, Jim Delahanty, a consulting rosarian, to give us the
scoop on what is ailing our roses...and those of everyone all over L.A.

The weather has been so resolutely damp, that rust is flourishing right
along with mildew, requiring weekly sprayings. Yesterday, my day to
spray, I was kept from doing so by that most unusual downpour. Mind you,
our rainy season is usually over in early April, with no rain usually
falling until late November, so yesterday was a grand surprise, but a
most welcome one: we had up until yesterday's scant quarter of an inch
in some places, a mere 4.36 inches of rain all season in L.A, the second
driest year on record.

Well, I had better tidy up the rose bed before Mr. Delahanty arrives, to
pick up all the rain-blasted petals which were blown all over the place.
Today we will revel in cool, rain-washed air, and enjoy the shine of
leaves with dust washed off them:)

A good day to you all.