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George Shirley (
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 20:07:25 -0500

Is your house possibly reflecting the sunlight? They will follow the brightest light.

My youngest did a science fair experiment in junior high that involved potted sunflowers and sun
lamps. He finally had one plant that turned 360 degrees. 

When we had the two acres of them it was neat to watch them follow the sun across the sky. The field
was oriented east/west and the sunflowers started facing the SE right after dawn and slowly worked
their way to the SW by sunset.


Janni wrote:
> This is too funny! The biggest one is right next to the house and it is
> turned toward the house, even in the afternoon sun. Come to think of it, so
> is the one in front. They are now turned away from the sun. So I should
> expect them to turn?
> Janni
> At 06:15 PM 6/23/02 -0500, you wrote:
> >I was there just as many of the plants were fading and drying for the
> >combine but every now and then I did run across huge areas of sunflower that
> >were still bright and shine faced. I didn't get to actually "see" them turn
> >but I could see how they were all pointing the same direct to the sun at
> >that time.
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> > > Did you get a chance to see the sunflowers turn to face the sun as it
> >moved during the day?
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