[gardeners] Pomegranates

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Not only in Israel (BTW- Israel grows their own Pomegranates too). There is
a huge demand for them in NYC, particularly around the ethically mixed

On a personal front, I love them, particularly in the late summer.  They are
expensive though, $2.00 a pop is a high price, but if the fruit is just
right, boy is it worth it!

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> Hi, there,
> Speaking of miles of crops, David Karp, The Fruit Detective, told of his
> surprise at recently driving up I-5 through the San Fernando Valley and
> seeing MILES of pomegranates growing. His first thought was, where is
> the market for them?
> It turns out, pomegranates are being pushed heavily in Israel, as there
> is a strong belief in the medical community there that there is a
> substance in pomegranates that inhibits the growth of certain types of
> cancer cells.
> The family that owns Blue Diamond Walnuts....among a host of other
> products, including home garden nurseries in these parts, wants to be at
> the forefront, and has planted, literally, square miles of the fruit.
> I know it has nothing to do with the price of tea in China, but thought
> it might be of some interest to the group.
> Ron