[gardeners] Re: yellow rose cutting

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 3 Jul 2002 00:25:24 -0400

Hi, Jeanne --  I planted a yellow climber early last summer
(2001) in the rear of my rose bed, and it grew so big by 
summer's end that I had to lash the canes to the porch uprights, 
and along the descending banister, for protection against
any winter winds. First of all, we had such a mild winter (only
one snow storm) that all the roses held on to their leaves 
right through into spring!  In early June the rose quite
suddenly produced about 2 dozen buds -- a most beautiful
rich yellow with broad, red stripes on the outside, hybrid
tea in shape.  For some strange reason, there is no I.D.
tag left on the rose ....

Unfortunately, as soon as the buds opened up, my opinion
of the rose changed dramatically.  For sure this is the ugliest
rose I have ever seen, and it ages and begins to die within
2 days, right on the bush. The color rapidly fades, the petals
curl backwards and under, and I feel forced to deadhead
in desperation. 

After that first flush of bloom, there has not been a single
bud on the bush. Apparently it is a June bloomer. 

I wonder if amyone might recognize this rose from the
meager description which I have given...? 

Penny, NY


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