[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 07 Jul 2002 13:01:10 -0500

We got out early this morning, about 0530, and picked the garden, garnering another bucket of
crowder peas, a pile of tomatoes, some jalapenos, and a few cukes. The green beans played out and
were yanked Friday and put in the trash can. One tomato plant was attacked by something and we took
25 green and almost red maters off of it before putting it in the trash can too. The figs are still
producing but the corn has gone to the squirrels. Limas still aren't ready to pick, those are
slowest beans to mature I know of. Okra coming in daily in small batches, good thing as I still have
frozen okra from last year.

After picking the garden I put the second coat on the exterior walls of the garage and Miz Anne is
doing the touch-up painting now. She's also painting the trim on the new door that was installed
nearly a year ago. We had the carpenter use CCA lumber on the trim of the steel door as Formosan
termites are everywhere here.

Now we've discovered a water leak in the utility room between the walls. Its got to be one of the
lines to the washer or the main incoming line that's leaking. Since we need the lines to and from
the hot water heater renovated and a new line from the city key to the house I'm just going to call
one of my clients tomorrow who just happens to be a plumbing firm. I know they're not real busy
right now so maybe they can get to it all. The wall leak is a tiny one so I'm not real worried about
it at the moment.

We also ripped the old (two) floors out of the utility room while we were at it. Once the water leak
is repaired and everything drys out I will have the same ceramic tile that is in the kitchen
installed in there. Have the tile, mortar, and grout so why not.

Tired as I am I still feel some satisfaction at getting some onerous jobs done that we had been
putting off.

Life is good.

George, looking forward to planting a fall garden in mid-August