Re: [gardeners] Weather (
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 00:59:25 -0400

Margaret L, I do feel for you with that weather!  Makes our current
92* seem frivilous -- Working outside in some digging and
destruction work today with Jimmie, in full sun (unfortunately), 
Jim was naked to the waist, no hat, no sunglasses, no drink
(his usual format); I took Marguerite's suggestion and put a
washcloth and then a baggie of ice chips on top of my head, 
and secured it all there with a wide-brimmed straw hat that had a
draw string under the chin. Amazing how much comfort that
gave to me!  

Jimmie was the first to say "Uncle!" -- and so we quit at 4:00pm
to run for the showers. I had my iced tea, and Jim had his
gin-and-tonic -- guess who conked out immediately in the
chair...?  I had just enough strength left to rig two sprinklers
in prep for the legal 7:00pm turn-on -- and drink another bucket
of iced tea -- and then to fetch some orange flags to stick in
the ground next to the heavy slates we had upended in the
front sidewalk, searching for the irrigation water and electric
supply lines. 

It's quite an amazing sight to view my street:  gremlins have 
been busy sticking one blue flag in every front lawn, and 
six yellow flags in a running line near the street. I guess
that the water and electric companies are intending to do some
rehab work this week -- the Village owns the front 15 feet of everyone's
property, so whatever mayhem they may have in mind is not under
our control. Of course, now WE have one blue, six yellow, and
two orange flags in the front lawn!  Hot stuff ....

Margaret, I can't imagine that you are able to get into the garden
in this weather -- or do you do your thing at 6:00am..? 104* has
to be utterly mean.

Penny, NY


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