Re: [gardeners] Putting it by

Ron Hay (
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 07:46:16 -0700

Good morning, Penny,

We are brand new to stone fruit gardening. Last year, the nectarines
bore beautifully, and we had no problems. This  year, with the tree much
better established and larger, it produced correspondingly more.

As I said to Vivian, this is a learning experience for us, that we can't
bee too upset. Now we have learned a valuable lesson.

The Fuyu seems to be strong enough at this time to sustain the weight,
but we will, no doubt, have to support it during its on year, as the
fruit grows larger. This tree is not appreciably larger than last year,
but it is a good deal sturdier.

We have found in the past few years that the persimmon just plain drops
fruit it cannot sustain.

The mystery equation concerns the macadamia. I don't think we will have
any problem with its few dozen nuts this year, and the branches seem to
be quite sturdy.

I must say, we were intrigued and delighted by the long, arching racemes
of mauve blossoms, visible from across the street:)

Well, time to get ready for the multiple listing tour...such as it is
these days.