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Mon, 22 Jul 2002 18:11:42 -0400

No, bags not saved: they are paper, and issued for compostable garden 
refuse only.  The city picks them up, turns all into compost and residents 
can pick up free compost several times a year.  

> Hope you save all those bags to turn into compost! Garbage bags make
> great composters when filled and set in the sun a good long while.
> Just stand back when you open them I hear tell it can be a bit smelly.
> Sounds like you have the makings of a wonderful place!
> Ranchmama
> Okie zone 7a
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> >  We hacked our way through the Amazon and two weed-eaters, 25 yard
> >  bags of
> debris later
> > we reached and are still working on the Enchanted Forest.