Re: [gardeners] Re: typhoon in the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:30:11 -0500

We're going to put in Pergo Presto, a floating wood laminate floor that each piece locks to the
next. I don't remember the thickness but think it's about what you're looking for. It costs about
$2.98 per square foot locally but can be self-installed with minimal tools. We're trying to get rid
of most of the "soft" floors due to allergies both of us have developed. When we took up the top
carpet layer there was enough dust under it we had to vacuum before we could take up the next carpet
layer. We both wore dust masks throughout the demolition.

George wrote:
> what are you using for the new   we have one to do in the kitchen.  We have
> about 3/8 inch to bring it level with the rest of the 1st floor.  Lucinda
> > OOps, forgot to say you could use shredded newsprint, dead leaves, dry
> > grass, etc to bring the brown component up. Forget the nitrogen
> > fertilizer you've probably already got lots of nitrogen in the green
> > stuff.
> >
> > Been a long day, short breaks interspersed with working on removing
> > three floors in the family room and doing some minor cabinetry work in
> > the kitchen.
> >
> > George
> >
> > Ron Hay wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi, George,
> > >
> > > It is not smelly at all. It merely attracts insects which lay their
> > > eggs in it. It is, in truth, more vermicultured than composted,
> > > since we seriously lack anything brown to put into it, as just about
> > > everything at our house is ever green, and I do not mean conifers.
> > > Any suggestions?
> > >
> > > Ron