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Our new house is all hardwood floors and tile.  Due to the adoption of 2
Siamese kittens from the Humane Society, we now have 4 cats!  That's a lot
of fur, and it's so much easier to keep hard surfaces clean than carpet.

I was amazed, and somewhat horrified, by the information my allergist gave
me about what really lives in carpeting.  It's impossible to get it as clean
as hard flooring.  The magnified pictures of the dust mites, etc. really
grossed me out.  Soon thereafter, we tore out all the old, green sculptured
carpeting in our old house, which also had pet stains from previous owners.
I  had hated that carpet since we moved in, so my allergies were a good
excuse to get rid of it.


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> Bear in mind that we've only lived in this house for 12 years and it was
occcupied for 16 years by
> other folk, who by the state of the house when we bought it, weren't that
clean. We thought the
> walls were pale yellow but it was nicotine stains as the entire family of
four smoked. Not to
> mention the elderly dog that was incontinent. We had the carpets steam
cleaned twice before we moved
> in and then done again a year later when we moved out for several months
while we worked in Yemen.
> We're going to start taking the cheesy paneling out of the family room
next. I'm going to put up
> drywall and then have a professional come in to tape and float it and then
we will paint. Can't take
> the panelling out this week, our kids are coming Friday for the weekend
and the babies would get
> into something for sure. Bought a type of wallpaper at Home Depot the
other day that is designed to
> glue over panelling and then be painted. I had been looking for a way to
paint the panelling in the
> kitchen and hallway without having those grooves in it. My entire Social
Security check seems to be
> going to Home Depot these days. <VBG>
> George
> Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> >
> > At 08:30 AM 7/24/02 -0500, you wrote:
> > >We're going to put in Pergo Presto, a floating wood laminate floor that
> > >each piece locks to the
> > >next. I don't remember the thickness but think it's about what you're
> > >looking for. It costs about
> > >$2.98 per square foot locally but can be self-installed with minimal
> > >tools. We're trying to get rid
> > >of most of the "soft" floors due to allergies both of us have
> > >When we took up the top
> > >carpet layer there was enough dust under it we had to vacuum before we
> > >could take up the next carpet
> > >layer. We both wore dust masks throughout the demolition.
> > >
> > >George
> >
> > That's daunting news, George.  You and Anne are such clean people.  If
> > have dust filtering through the carpet, what do the rest of us have?
> > I could garden indoors.  Margaret L