Re: [gardeners] Re: typhoon in the garden

George Shirley (
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:41:54 -0500

Yup, most black type ink today is soybean oil based with carbon black and pine resin(purified) to
make it stick. All natural ingredients so the paper can be safely recycled and/or composted. Check
with the LA Times on their color inks, as I stated in an earlier post many, if not all, newspapers
today use an environmentally safe claybased color ink. The old inks even leached out in landfills
and were all chemical based. I checked with both our local papers and they use the soybase and the
claybase, We trash the slick ads but use all the rest in the garden.


Ron Hay wrote:
> Hi, George,
> I don't know about the LA Times' color inks, but the black and white is soybean based. Learned
> that at their incredible printing plant.
> Ron