Re: [gardeners] Sunday under the umbrella (
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 00:25:22 -0400

George, after a spring and July of absolute drought, we
have now received 5 inches of rain in August -- and 
where we were suffering from the 94* heat, we are now
freezing with the 60* cold.  Drizzle, rain, rain, drizzle,
all week long, with STILL 5 more days predicted, and
thunderstorms on Wednesday. We've been talking to
3 contractors about what to do to improve the back
yard drainage, and they have given us 3 different 
approaches to the problem, not one of which sounds 
corrective to me. Until we do SOMETHING, thunder-
storms will continue to drive water into our basement,
and boy! Do I hate that cleanup!  

Con Edison has just finished installing a plastic gas
supply line out front, up and down the neighborhood,
with holes deeper than a man's height. Those guys had
to work in the 94* heat, and I felt so bad for them ...  They
finished on the last day before the rain and cold arrived,
so at least they worked under dry conditions!  We could
not begin digging our curtain-drain holes in the back
yard until this rain comes to a halt.  More mopping for mom..

Penny, NY


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