[gardeners] Saturday in the garden of laziness

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 07 Sep 2002 16:09:51 -0500

We've been catching the edges of a tropical storm since yesterday
afternoon. No monsoons or deluges but just a typical rainy day with just
enough rain to keep you from getting out and enjoying your garden.
Consequently the three of us have been napping a lot. Two today for me,
one for Miz Anne and about 20 for Sleepy. First time in weeks we haven't
been busting our humps working on the house so, by golly, we're all
rested up now. 

Probably a good thing as Miz Anne has a possible interview for a
full-time teachers job on Monday, we're waiting for the call. Seems one
of the art teachers got a late call to go teach in Texas and left the
job Friday during the morning. Can't really blame her as she, according
to rumor, is getting a $15K increase in pay. We find it highly unusual
that another state is even hiring our art teachers, usually they have to
wait for someone to retire or die to get a teaching job. Oh well,
everything comes to those that wait.

In that general vein, I begin a series of medical tests on September
17th culminating on the 19th with a dye angiogram to determine if the
vascular surgeons are going to cut my throat. Seems I have some major
blockage in my right carotid artery and getting that way in the left
one. Doc says I'm in the 85 percentile for a major debilitating stroke
at the moment but that surgery will drop it to 1 percent. So, there you
go, get good results last year on the rest of my arteries and kaboom!
there go the old carotids. At least I have something wrong that can
easily be fixed and doesn't involve cracking my chest again. <VBG>

I'll keep you all informed as we go along. By coincedence my daughter is
having her gall bladder removed on the 18th of September by laproscopy,
was supposed to have been last week but the first person in line had to
be cut on as her gall bladder was enlarged. It's amazing the stuff they
do now as day surgery, thirty years ago my mother had her gall bladder
removed and she was in the hospital about two weeks. Wow, my family is
really grateful for modern medical miracles.

To keep this on topic for gardening Herman the night-blooming cereus had
two blooms open night before last, two blooms last night, and three more
look to be ready to open tonight. Once they are fully open the aroma is
intoxicating and the moths are certainly drawn to the blooms. Last night
we saw a huge moth fluttering around them, a bonus for our bloom
watching activities.

Life is good.