Re: [gardeners] night blooming cereus

M T (
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 17:23:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hi George,

 Best of luck with your surgery, it is *fantastic* what they can do
these days with minimal invasion.

 Our new garden in Norfolk is coming along *slowly*, but we are making
minor progress every week, and taking lots of pictures.

 Sometimes the pics are the only thing keeping me going. I can see some
improvement (at least in the pics!) and know that we are getting
somewhere eventually. Been working lots of 10 and 12 hour days since
May. Getting rich (ha! ;-)), hoping to have some time this fall to
spend it on cobble stones for the new patio and plants for the new

 I've had a cereus in a pot for several years now. Any suggestions on
getting some blooms on it? It's outdoors for 6 months a year in part to
deep shade. Happy, healthy, but no blooms.

Good Gardening,
Matt in Norfolk, Va.

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