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Tue, 10 Sep 2002 20:02:29 -0700 (PDT)

Hi George,

Yep, It's gone upscale, at least Viginia Beach and Chesapeake have. ;-)
 Norfolk still has some inner city BS but it is working as hard at
transforming itself as Providence R.I. has.
 You wouldn't recognize most of it. The new downtown mall has a
Nordstroms and the downtown Waterside is similar to "the Basin" in
Baltimore. Habor Park was built 5-6 years ago downtown for the Tides,
our local minor league baseball team. It's considered one of the best
minor league ball parks in the country. (But we'll never have a major
league team of any kind, they've been trying for 10 years)
 The crackhouses (excume me, apartment buildings)in east Oceanview have
been leveled and are being replaced by $300,000 waterfront homes. Wish
I could afford one! ;-)
 You could probably still uncover a few places to get knifed in broad
daylight, but they are getting harder to find. ;-)

 Some of the biggest problems the area faces is the infighting between
the various cities that make up "Hampton Roads" (the local term for the
penninsula and southside cooperation.) Virginia Beach and Chesapeake
incorporated back around '75(?) in response to Norfolk's growing and
incorporating outlying areas. It's taken a long time for each
municipality to stop slinging mud at each other and work to improve the
entire region.
 We are about as much seperate cities as the borroughs of New York City
are. Each a little different, but it's all part of the same sprawl.

Thanks for the cereus info, need to give it more sun next summer! 

Matt in Norfolk, Va.

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> Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 20:45:43 -0500
> From: George Shirley <>
> Subject: Re: [gardeners] night blooming cereus
> You're living in Sh*t City now? Old sailor term for Norfolk back in
> the
> fifties, tough town back then.
> Ours is in a pot too as we put it in the greenhouse in the winter.
> Gets
> full sun for about three hours a day and fed some Miracle Gro once a
> month and gets watered when the soil dries on top. The thing is only
> about 4 or 5 years old and started blooming last year. This year it
> has
> bloomed every month with 3 to 8 blooms at a time, opening on separate
> nights. I don't know what advice other than what I've said that I
> could
> give you.
> We do prune the thing annually as it gets these "branches" up to 6 or
> 7
> feet long and then the strap leaf starts to form, after that the
> blooms
> appear on long stalks. AFAIK it has been in a 12 inch terra cotta pot
> all of its life. We also have several small ones started from the
> pruned
> parts. HTH
> George

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