Re: [gardeners] cleomes (
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 22:03:32 -0400

I cannot understand this year's growth pattern of my New Guinea
hybrid impatiens. I have them in 2 new locations, and they  are
not all blooming. Side-by-side in the back yard, all day sunshine,
lots of soaker watering, some have no flowers, some have just a
few, and some are covered with bloom!  In the front yard, all the
plants are lush and healthy, but only about half of them have 

I ALWAYS plant my seedlings with 1/8 tsp of Osmocote underneath.
This year the plants I am talking about appear to me to have received
too much nitrogen -- they are robust and crowding each other, but 
not floriferous. 

Any ideas?
The big wind storm of last week snapped 4 of my 9 ft dahlias in
half, even tho everything had been staked. The stakes were 8 footers
which I hammered into the ground one foot -- the plants grew  even
taller than that!  And the wind-induced fractures defied my tying and
bent anyway...  Next year I intend to buy some 12 ft stakes, if I can
find them -- the dahlias are so gorgeous that any effort is worth it to
make them happy. 

But I do wonder what you folks use for tie-backs to secure loose
branches..? The green covered wire turns blue in time and looks
strange; the green garden twine eventually rots away. There must be
something I have overlooked...

Penny, NY


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