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Mon, 16 Sep 2002 9:44:33 -0400

Might also call ahead and ask them to set aside more time for your appt. 
Seems like I always have to make one appt. for the "evaulation," then another for the actual procedure.  When the dermatologist decided I needed to have a few moles removed, I couldn't get an another appt. until a month later! When he finally removed them, it took barely 15 minutes.   Sort of aggravating when you have to take off work, drive a long distance, etc.  And pay for several visits instead of one.


> From: George Shirley <>
> Date: 2002/09/16 Mon AM 07:21:03 EDT
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> Subject: Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden of downpour
> I don't know yet, I'm going to ask them to do the job then and there to
> save another 250 mile round trip later. It will probably depend upon the
> severerity of the blockage and their work load for that day.
> George
> wrote:
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> > George, if you have the dye angiogram on the 19th, will they do the
> > job right then and there, or make you come back?
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> > Penny, NY
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