[gardeners] Monday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 12:38:56 -0500

We got the winter veggies in the ground on Sunday and got up this
morning to a huge oak limb lying in front of the garden and greenhouse.
Another three feet south and it would have crushed the greenhouse and
would have wiped out the winter veggies planted the day before. As it is
we lost the "Big Bertha" sweet chiles that have been so productive all

On the good side, I just got a phone call from the Houston VA that my
appointment for an angiogram on Thursday is alive and well, some just
didn't put it in the computer. So, Wednesday morning we will drive over,
spend the night, get the angiogram done, spend another night and drive
home. I personally hope they decide to cut while I'm there which would
mean spending one more night. I'm ready to get this stuff over with and
restore full access to my main memory and software. <VBG> Maybe cleaning
out that carotid will improve my typing as I'm reversing words nowadays,
may just be that my hands don't want to type anymore. Oh well, you can't
have everything.

When I had surgery on my shoulder last year I asked the orthopod if I
could play the piano after surgery and said he saw no reason I couldn't.
I then told him that I was tone deaf, couldn't read music, and surely
couldn't play the piano. Being a serious young man it took him a bit to
realize I was joking. Anyone got a good zinger I can drop on a team of
vascular surgeon's? Preferably when they don't have scalpels in their