Re: [gardeners] chipper/shredder (
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 00:29:06 -0400

Margaret, this is the first year we have employed a lawn cutting
service.  We lucked out, becaue thy do not catch the cut grass as
they mow -- they let it fall, and it is more-or-less invisible. A spare
man walks around with a shoulder blower, and if there is a small
clump of cut garss, he disperses it, but there is just about nothing. 
It's obviously a mulching mower, and the system for raising the
level of cut is absurdly simple: tip up the machine and add one
or two washers, as needed...  I have made them keep the lawn v-e-r-y 
tall all summer, with the result that it is very green!  

 It remains to be seen what they do about the leaves when they 
fall -- we are surrounded by 60-70 ft pine and maple trees which make
a gigantic mess each fall.  Perhaps they'll blow them, or perhaps they'll
mow them. If it looks all right, I won't care which.  We have eliminated
2 fertilizings so far, with the bonus of the dropped clippings! 

Penny, NY


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