Re: [gardeners] "mosquito dunks"

George Shirley (
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 07:41:30 -0500

Nope, we barely got any rain out of it here but the streets flooded only
10 miles east of us. Luckily most of our towns are designed to flood and
then drain quickly.

George wrote:
> Wow! HT, I am overwhelmed at the way in which you have protected
> yourselves from the mosquitoes!  I presume that you are in a warmer
> clime than my Eastern zone 6..?
> The storm is upon us right now, with threats of large thunder storms
> tonight and a steady rain by morning for the entire day and night --
> but if I can slip out in a gentle rain in the morning, I will head right
> over
> to Home Depot.  I would like to put the dunks out before I leave on
> Saturday morn.
> BTW, George, the rain began 12 hours ahead of schedule, which is
> an enormous blessing because now we can anticipate having the
> storm move on out to sea by daybreak on Saturday!  I've got all my
> fingers crossed that tonight's heavy rains won't flood the cellar
> workshop. . .  We may have to pull an all-nighter down there.
> Have NEVER seen a Weather Bureau satelite image of rain which
> covers the entire TV screen before!  It's just green from stem to
> stern -- fantastic, except that we are living thru it.
> Did you feel the brunt of the deluge which has been covering
> New Orleans, George?
> My many thanks, HT, for all that detailed info on the dunks. It
> gives me a new lease on things .....
> Penny, NY
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