[gardeners] Excitement

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 01 Oct 2002 21:03:56 -0500

Not only do we have Hurricane Lili tracking straight at our house a
neighbor had a house fire this evening. We will make a decision as to
whether we will evacuate or not by Wednesday afternoon. It all depends
on Lili, if she gets up to category 4 or 5 we might go north for a few
days. If not we'll stay.

Not a lot of damage to the neighbor's house (2 doors west of us) but lot
of smoke and excitement. Three fire trucks, two cop cars, two chief
cars, and an ambulance showed up. Our street has been blocked since
about 6:30 pm and will likely stay that way for a while longer. No one
home so no one injured. Sleepy is so keyed up she's only had two
practice naps since the sirens went by.

Gardening content: Picked about a dozen sweet peppers from the two Big
Bertha pepper plants today. We bought the plants at a local feed store
but I'm going to be looking for some seed as these are the best sweet
chiles we've ever grown. Still loaded with small fruit. On top of that I
picked about 3 quarts of ripe hot chiles, both red and yellow. Will
wash, dry, and freeze later.