[gardeners] State of the neck address

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 12:52:16 -0500

Neck is still sore around the six inch incision but otherwise I'm
feeling much better. Got up about 0500 this morning, read my paper with
some coffee and the company of Miss Sleepy Dawg. About 0830 I went to
the Dairy Queen for breakfast with the ROMEO'S (Retired Old Men Eating
Out) and spent a pleasant hour with my friends coming in and out to see
the scar and hoorawing me. Told them I had been in a knife fight but no
one would believe me.

Went to the library afterward to pick up a book I had ordered and then
stopped by the "Used Bread" store. Was hungry for some chips and cookies
and that's the best place to buy them locally at a much reduced price. A
friend is the manager and she tells me that very little of it is
returned from stores but is new stuff.

Then to the vets office to ask him why Sleepy is grinding her teeth. He,
and I, seem to think she does it because of frustration. It seems to
happen at times she wants me to do something and I really don't want to
do it, like go outside at a particular time. He advised tranks and I
think we should just watch her awhile. While at the vets noted two
people having coffee on their balcony at the apartments next to the vets
office and recognized them as a couple I know. Stopped there and had a
cuppa with them and then on home to rest. I sure like living in a
smaller town, only 35K people in this one and I think I know about half
of the them.

Beautiful day, cool with blue skies and bright sunshine so walked around
the gardens with Miz Anne and Sleepy, all had a good time enjoying the
coolth and the blue skies.

Hope all are having a good weekend.