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Until you do get a tree, if you want lemons, I have a whole tree full.  Also, it may be 2 or 3, possibly even 5 years after you get yoru tree that you see lemons.  I always have way more than I, my family, and my friends can ever use.  I live in Chandler.  What part of AZ are you in?  You are more than welcome to come over and pick some whenever they get ripe. I'm guessing about 3 to 4 weeks from now.  I see some are just starting to get yellow on them now.  They are very good lemons.  I have used them for lemonade, lemon meringue pie, lemon cake and lots of other recipes.  Nothing like fresh squeezed lemonade. :)
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> Subject: [gardeners] RE: Lemon Trees
> Well, this has been interesting.  I confess that I grew interested in the
> meyer lemon due to the M. Stewart recommendation around a year ago.  However,
> since you all are knowledgable about lemon trees, which type do you recommend?
>  My husband was telling me that he'd rather have an eureka lemon.  Personally,
> I just want one with few seeds, a good lemon flavor for cooking and one that
> will stay small so that I can grow it in a large pot on my patio.  I have
> heard of Lisbons, but I haven't seen any at the nurserys.  All they seem to
> carry are the eurekas or the meyers.
> Thanks. :)
> > The old Meyer lemons I have seen are kind of round and look like they might
> > be a cross between an orange and a lemon.  I understand CA allows only the
> > Improved Meyer but AZ still prohibits both.
> > 
> > Our lemon tree is Lisbon, a vicious, thorny, prolific tree that needs to be
> > cut back every few years.  We get enough lemons from it for us, for several
> > families of snowbird relatives, and still have quite a bit left over to haul
> > to the food bank.
> >